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Nervous Patients

Statistically, 70 percent of the populace does not have a good feeling when it comes to visiting the dentist. It ranges between great fear to downright phobia for many patients.

In this context we have placed emphasis on you feeling comfortable when you are at our practice. The layout of our practice itself should evoke a feeling of wellbeing, far from the negative associations that many nervous patients make at the thought of a dentist. A visit to the dentist in this day and age should no longer be associated with fear and pain. This is what we have set out to communicate by ensconcing you in the company of empathetic and highly competent experts in the field. We make the time for you and offer personalised treatment.

By the many special features on offer we create an atmosphere for you to feel relaxed during treatment. For extensive restoration procedures or surgical interventions there is the option of general anaesthesia or half-sleep (analgo sedation).

Make an appointment right now for a personal consultation – without drilling!