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High-Tech Dental Prosthesis

As the name ›transitional prosthesis‹ suggests, it is a temporary solution to tide over till the time that permanent, highly aesthetic and functional dental prosthesis are made by the laboratory. Even so, we set high standards for our transitional prosthesis that you may not experience any discomfort in this intervening time. Fabricated by experienced and trained personnel they provide functionality and aesthetics of a high calibre.

Provisional implants are made such that they can hold stable teeth even in the healing phase. These long-term, lab-generated temporaries can be bring about occlusal changes (e.g. bite elevation in case of lowered occlusion) or critical teeth can be observed and/or treated over a long period before being replaced by the final dental prosthesis.

Dental gaps requiring restorative implant treatment can be left open in this way by preventing teeth migration.