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Oral Surgery

All oral surgical interventions (e.g. wisdom tooth removal, apicoectomies, positioning of unerupted teeth, optimisation of denture-bearing area etc.) are carried out either on an outpatient basis or as per patient wishes under general anaesthesia or half-sleep sedation. In the absence of bones it is gently augmented. Piezo surgery is used for this at our practice, which is a very gentle and minimally invasive procedure. The augmentation material used is either one’s own bones (autologous bone material) or artificial, synthetic substitute material (alloplastic bone graft material that is long lasting, certified and used globally).

Minimally invasive sinuslift: Loss of teeth in the upper jaw over a long period of time causes extended maxillary sinus and narrowing of the alveolar ridge. To make more room for implants it is possible to lift the membrane in the maxillary antrum by a “keyhole surgery” and placing bone graft substitute in the cavity created. This surgical method and instruments for it were developed in collaboration with the company called Aceton.

Bone Splitting: Bone splitting is a surgical procedure to make a transverse split in very thin bones, widening them and filling the space with replacement material or bone and by doing so broadening them. In many cases it is possible to place the implant in the same sitting.

Bone Spreading: Bone spreading consists of slowly expanding the bone with the help of special instruments to enlarge the width of the jaw.

Bone block transplant: In case of acute bone loss, augmentation with replacement material alone does not suffice. In such cases a bone block (usually from the former wisdom tooth region) is removed and transplanted to the affected spot. The bone block grows together with the bone below it and after a healing period of 3-4 months implants can be placed in the reconstructed jaw. The place from where the bone block is extracted heals on its own without any problems.

Soft tissue surgery: to lengthen the life of implants it is often necessary to optimise the membrane around the implants. In such cases what is known as the connective tissue or membrane grafts are removed (usually from the roof of the mouth) and transplanted to the affected spot. Microsurgery is used for such procedures in a minimally invasive manner at our practice. Alternatively, even here animal membranes can be used (collagen from a pig, extracted from the heart muscle) to get the same results as from autologous tissue.

Piezo Surgery: Piezo surgery is a modern ultrasound-based surgery using the Piezotome. This helps, for instance, to transplant bones gently or for safe surgery in critical regions without causing injury to critical anatomical structures like the nerves or vessels. Here the bone is gently prepared and ensures safety for the therapist to work in critical areas. Tooth extractions and apicoectomies can be also carried out gently using the Piezotome.