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Dental Implants

Missing teeth can be easily replaced by artificial tooth roots made from titanium or zirconium oxide (ceramic). From individual (missing) tooth to downright toothless patients (almost) anything is possible with implants. Careful reconstruction is possible in case of bone loss or missing bones (Piezo surgery, Oral surgery). In case of missing bone substance in the upper jaw we have the option of using the procedure known as Intralift™. This being the focus of our therapies it helps recover quality of life by the interplay of perfect functionality and aesthetics.

At our practice we work with different, top of the line implant systems of long standing repute. They are made of titanium, a time-tested material with application in the medical field.

Patients going for implants receive intensive care at our practice. Ultra modern techniques go into planning for implants that are securely fitted and highly aesthetic.

Provisional implants: for toothless patients or those with huge gaps, provisional implants can be used to make the waiting period as comfortable as possible until final replacement. After healing when it is time for the permanent implants, they can be easily removed.

Titanium implants: the most used implant systems are made from grade 4 titanium, tested a million times, over decades. Owing to the special screw design or surface, the healing period required for these implants has been steadily diminishing over the years. They continue to be the benchmark in oral implantology. If desired, we can provide ceramic or zircon implants.