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Bone Augmentation

Precisely because of the spread of Implantalogy as the standard treatment in modern dentistry, bone management has assumed a major role in the truest sense of the word. There is the awareness now that healthy bones are at the heart of safe implantology in the long run and of the maintenance of anatomically important facial structures. Complete oral health is, all said, the only basis for strong teeth.

To this end we offer all procedures for bone building or bone maintenance after an accident or in the case of periodontitis. The gentle process of piezo surgery is thus gaining ground in bone transplantations. In addition, we work with the most advanced bone replacement materials, special membranes and different kinds of lasers in surgical procedures as well as in the regenerative phases.

Alternatively we provide the so called allogeneic grafts or bone bank allografts, which we source from a Berlin based institution (DIZG). This renders autologous bone harvesting superfluous. This of course is a MPG-authorised (Medicinal Devices Act) method.