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General Anaesthesia

If you wish, all procedures can be done under general anaesthesia. It is often the more comfortable option for patients undergoing comprehensive dental restorations, wisdom tooth removal or complex implant operations with bone augmentation.

You are under the constant care of experienced anaesthetists while you sleep. This often is the only way to treat nervous patients or small children. Treatment by the half-sleep sedation method (analgo sedation) is another option. The patient is administered a mild sedative and painkiller intravenously. Of course only under the supervision of our anaesthetists. The patient feels »distanced« to the treatment and this is an alternative to general anaesthesia (intubation anaesthesia).

A team of 3 experienced anaesthetists under Dr. Winne Unkel are at your service, who with the most advanced equipments help the patients to go into a state of half-sleep or complete slumber, and are there by your side when you »wake up«.