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EmunDo® / Dentcoat


PTT – Photothermal Therapy using EmunDo® enables safe decontamination and disinfection without side effects of particularly inflamed periodontal pockets and inflamed implants with the aid of diode lasers.

PTT is the safest therapy for peri-implantitis and is considered as an alternative treatment even by the American Association of Periodontology to antibiotic therapies.

Thus, along with the classic laser procedures simultaneously used in reducing and changing the bacterial flora, there are new procedures which use special Indocyanine dyes to stain bacteria that can then be gently and painlessly destroyed by laser light.


The Dentcoat / Perioshine Therapy marks a revolution in dentistry. By known techniques of nanotechnology, nano crystals are introduced into the enamel and dentine structures of the teeth. This causes a surface to form that is virtually smooth as glass, on which bacteria cannot adhere.

There is a significant reduction of bacteria build-up that form afresh each day. Symptoms of inflammation reduce and overall dental care becomes much easier. The surface effect is seen on teeth as well as on crowns and even on implants.

A slight brightening of natural teeth is the side effect of this treatment.