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Professional tooth cleaning

Professional tooth cleaning: Not only recommended, but simply important

Do you clean your teeth regularly, conscientiously and thoroughly? Use dental floss? Use the right toothbrush? So pay attention to your oral hygiene? You are doing a lot of things right. In everyday life, however, we ultimately eat so many ingredients, often unconsciously, that attack dental health that dental care at home is sometimes not enough. There are deposits between the teeth that are difficult for you as a patient to remove with conventional means. In addition, coffee, tea, red wine and also nicotine stain the teeth permanently. Apart from the aesthetic aspect: residues that have not been removed can attack and damage the teeth and gums. How we clean your teeth and keep them so healthy

How we clean your teeth and keep them so healthy

To prevent this, we recommend professional tooth cleaning (PZR) in our White Lounge in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth at least twice a year. We are happy to carry this out immediately after the control and precautionary treatment.

Just sit back and relax, we will take care of the rest: with the latest technology and absolutely gentle for you, we clean the tooth surface, free it from tartar and unsightly deposits and polish it. After the tartar and plaque removal, we turn to the gum pockets that sit between the teeth, as there are often plaque that can attack the gums – with the risk of periodontitis. We go deep and clean these spaces very thoroughly. We also take care of the teeth and gums with special medical gels.

Professional tooth cleaning combines aesthetics and preventive care, because we also remove deep-seated deposits before caries can form, and at the same time let your teeth appear in a completely new, bright shine. The entire session lasts about three quarters of an hour. We would also be happy to inform you about the costs of professional tooth cleaning in our White Lounge in Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth.