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Perio Prevention & Therapy Center

Preventing Periodontitis effectively and treating it gently. The oral flora is a balanced ecosystem. Onset of imbalances can cause oral inflammations like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Under certain circumstances, however, it does not stop there: oral conditions have a direct impact on the entire body. They can trigger illnesses or even stoke existing ones. Especially those suffering from chronic ailments like Diabetes Mellitus or Rheumatism are put at risk in the presence of unidentified oral infections. Heightened risk of thrombosis can precipitate strokes or heart attacks, and pregnant women stand a greater risk of premature deliveries. This is why we lay great emphasis on early detection and a comprehensive treatment of periodontal diseases.

Experts estimate that around 28 million people are affected by Periodontitis in Germany. The risk is higher for men than women. However, only a few know anything at all about this disease or the effects it is likely to have. More so, because it only affects individual teeth, is mostly painless and patients usually do not at all associate the potential harm to the body with oral problems. This in turn can cause the disease to proliferate unnoticed.

We therefore set great store by early detection and practice Perio Prevention by taking a number of steps:

  1. First, by using the simple and painless MMP8 saliva test we analyse within minutes the precise level of inflammation, bacterial flora and general condition of your gums.
  2. As the next step, we subject the damaged tissue to targeted laser treatment or to photo-thermal therapy by going about it most gently and effectively.
  3. It is then a question of long term protection. Teeth surfaces are sealed by what is called the Perioshine or Dentcoat treatments that make use of crystal solutions.
  4. At this stage you step in: the healing process following treatment in the clinic needs your assistance at home by exercising regular dental care.
  5. Follow-up is important: quick and simple MMP8 saliva tests at regular intervals help us monitor the treatment and ensure success.

Regular dentist visits are absolutely vital for early detection. We, your very own certified Perio Prevention & Therapy Centre, are the right address for those needs!