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The modern 3-D x-ray technology using what is known as the ›DVTs‹ (Digital Volume Tomographies) enables a three dimensional x-ray imaging of the jaw and teeth. This allows dental therapists to, so to speak, “look” into the maxilla, maxillary antrum and the teeth and actually see the root canals for greater exactitude in diagnosing, planning and adopting a line of treatment.

The image data can also be used for »pre-operative« simulations on computer for surgical interventions and operations (bone augmentation and Implants). This helps us in a navigated positioning of the corresponding surgical templates, implants; the implants sit in the right position and we can prevent causing injury to sensitive anatomical structures like the nerves and sinuses.

By constant updating of software and digital technology the radiation exposure caused by DVTs is the same as that from a »normal« panoramic radiograph of the jaw.