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Many patients really long to have whiter teeth. Our individual consultation informs you about the type of bleaching right for you. Bleaching is not a one-size-fits-all procedure and our concern is to get the results you desire without causing damage to your teeth. That is why we select procedures best for you, with you.

To bleach multiple teeth we work with active oxygen, which is very gentle on your teeth and is also suited for hypersensitivity. Remineralisation and regeneration is taken care of by the serum that we use thereafter. Your teeth can get up to 9 shades brighter in the matter of just an hour.

Endodontically treated discoloured teeth can be whitened by what is called internal bleaching. By the BriteSmile system gel is activated with a special light. After three 20-minute applications the treatment is concluded. The gums are isolated from the teeth. A before/after photograph serves as record of the treatment and its results. The bleaching gel requires a very low concentration of active substances because of the special light, thus making it a very gentle and yet highly effective method.