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Cosmetic Teeth Correction

Cosmetic teeth correction takes years, or so many of our patients believe and that can well be the case at times. Nevertheless, modern teeth correction has considerably shortened the time taken for correction of malpositions in teeth gently and effectively, even for adults. Be it the Six-Months-Smile® or Harmony braces, these new methods have revolutionised cosmetic teeth correction by treatment requiring just about half the time taken earlier.

SixMonthSmiles®: The perfect smile in the shortest time Braces continue to be the best solution for perfect teeth correction. And we now know that this treatment need not take a long time. With the SixMonthSmiles® method we now have in place a revolutionary combination of cosmetic teeth correction and ultra modern materials, enabling us to use an innovative system of braces. The SixMonthSmilesLucid-Lok® Brackets and the tooth coloured wires are barely visible. They align teeth and straighten them very gently requiring just six months on an average.

Kosmetische Behandlung bei Ihrem Zahnarzt in Düsseldorf

An effective, safe and affordable option of a cosmetic dental brace system that incorporates the most important aspects of a dental brace, combined with the most advanced treatment methods and materials. The braces exert hardly any pressure at all, are comfortable, safe and hygienic. The system as a whole is not only more effective on an average but more economical than conventional braces too.

The SixMonthSmiles® method is good not just for your appearance. Straight teeth are easier to clean, less susceptible to tartar and simply stay beautiful for a longer time.

MIROT: A small intervention with a huge impact MIROT (Minimal Invasive Rapid Orthodontic Treatment) or Piezocision developed in USA is one of the gentlest treatments: a tiny 5 mm slit is made between the roots of teeth under local anaesthesia. The bone there is “softened” by an ultra-sound surgical instrument. An entirely painless intervention lasting a few minutes gets huge results. The ultra-sound affects the bone to make it easier and quicker for teeth to move thereby shortening the treatment, as scientifically proved, by 40% to 60%.