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Social Commitment

Towards the end of year 2011 dental professionals set for Tanzania for the first time to set up a dental station there. Thus was born the ›Daktari for Maasai‹ project. The basic idea behind this project is to run mobile dental services for people in the peripheral regions of Tanzania who live there virtually without dental services, there is one dentist to 100,000 patients!

Tens of thousands of people in dire need of treatment thus have to endure a life of diseased teeth, agony and the repercussions of these conditions on their health without ever setting eyes on a dentist. ›Daktari for Maasai‹ thus regularly visits the remotest regions of Tanzania to provide especially such people with dental treatment. At the heart and the starting point of this aid project is a small clinic in a village with 5000 people, Ololosokwan, at the fringes of the Serengeti. On a personal visit to Africa, Prof. Dr. Jörgens came to know of this clinic. The word ›Daktari‹ (doctor in Swahili) on the door was a sign for him that he had found just the place for an aid project of dental specialists. There was neither running water nor electricity and just bare medical supplies in this clinic.

Since then patients are now treated on mobile chairs with the most advanced equipments. Over 2,000 patients have received treatment in the last three years, some of whom had never been to a dentist before. Besides, the same project was also conducted twice before in Zanzibar.

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